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Our Program

Bloom offers a wide variety of programming to all our clients, tailored to individual interests and abilities. 

We have a daily main morning and afternoon activity with additional activities scheduled in between. These include grocery shopping/food prep, bowling, library, walks/hikes, park, games, crafts, animal therapy, basketball, soccer, life skills, and more.

Our main activities are highlighted below:

Our Program: Text

Martial Arts

We are fortunate to have Emily from Determination Martial Arts joining us weekly to offer her skills to our clients!

Adapted martial arts provides an opportunity to learn new skills, stretch out those muscles & engage in hand eye coordination and balance tasks. Building strength and confidence and learning new skills is hugely beneficial to mental and physical health!

Working those muscles on a Wednesday mor


We are so pleased to have Ambria from Riya Yoga joining us to offer our clients accessible yoga sessions.

Therapeutic yoga classes offer stretching, restorative postures, meditative exercises, mindful breath work, with an emphasis on mindfulness and sensory integration in a gentle, and fun way.

Clients will grow to experience the multitude of benefits of yoga, including physical, cognitive, and emotional  growth, new found confidence, and a sense of inner peace and joy. 

Ambria Mathew, PhD is a yoga teacher who has shared her passion for holistic wellness for over a decade, teaching students, and training teachers all over the world. She believes yoga is beneficial for everyone, and loves creating inclusive and transformative experiences for students.

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Fitness Class

Andrew from Ability Fitness joins us every Tuesday afternoon to work our muscles and stay fit in a class that focuses on functional exercises, developing strength and adapting the class to suit all abilities.



We LOVE music at Bloom and see on a daily basis how therapeutic, engaging and fun it is for our clients. Although we incorporate music into our daily routine, we offer specialized musical opportunities throughout our week.

Music & Movement, where we dance and move along to a variety of songs while using instruments and actions. 

Drum Circle, where we follow along to the beat and get our creativity flowing, trying out different rhythms and instruments.  


Community Outings 

At Bloom we love participating in outings which allow our clients to engage and participate in our community. 

Our outings include scenic walks/hikes, farm visits, special guests, library, mall outings, and more! 



Swimming is a favourite activity at Bloom, so we make sure to get in the pool every week! We currently swim Thursdays at the newly renovated Valley Park Recreation Centre.

Swimming is such a great way to exercise in a low-impact environment, while having fun and splashing around with friends!    

Our Program: Our Programs
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